18th February 2021

Ebikes are growing in popularity year on year and there’s a fantastic range to choose from whatever your riding style, from the daily commute to full on adventures hurtling down hill and over rough terrain. Although I can’t profess to know all the ins and outs of choosing a suitable ebike, the one thing I do know is, that when it comes to finding an ebike that can accommodate an overweight rider like myself, the options open to you are drastically reduced. 

When you do eventually find that ebike to accommodate your weight, if you’re anything like me, you want it to look cool and stand out from crowd, so imagine how excited I was to recently receive an email introducing me to the ‘most instagrammable bike ever!’ Enter stage left the new Knaap Bike.

The Knaap ebike is a supercool looking retro bike capable of carrying up to 28 stone (180kg) but best of all, my inner child loves the fact that it’s a two seater bike, so that if needed I can give my best mate a backie! Fitted with one of the largest batteries in the eBike industry with a staggering 756Wh from a Samsung A Class battery which recharges from zero to full in less than 6 hours and a range of 140km/86 miles on its economy setting and over 30 with two riders, it’s well equipped to take you on your next road trip.

So what if you’re considering the Knaap to take with you on your caravan or motorhome travels. Well the bike weighs in at 28kg and it can be ridden by anyone over the age of 14 as it is a road legal, pedal assisted eBike limited to 25kmh. It features 5 different levels of pedal assist that enable you to adjust the assistance to find your most comfortable ride effort. The bike is made from an aluminium frame, has rear foot pegs for your passenger, a comfortable padded double saddle, convenient built in water bottle holder and supersede 4 inch tyres for improved stability. Available in black or space grey the Knaap Bike currently retails at £2,299.


  • Frame: Aluminium

  • Motor: 36V 250W Rear drive

  • Battery: 36V 21Ah Samsung Lithium-ion

  • Charger: 36V 3A

  • Shift gear system: Shimano, 7 shifts

  • Display: LCD with illumination (battery indicator, speedometer and mileage)

  • Braking system: Tektro Mechanical disc brakes

  • Speed: 25km/h

  • Action radius: up to 140KM on a full battery

  • Optional: alarm system

If you’re considering an ebike overweight or not, take a moment to check out this super cool bike on youtube at https://youtu.be/bWJ8y9riHKk or visit www.knaapbikes.com