Who are Carrs & Caravan (extended cut)

Hi i'm Dad (Daniel), the boss is Mum (Vicky) and we're kept on our toes by our daughter Tilly (an aspiring child actor, who also has her own Youtube channel Tillybiz). It's been just over a year of caravan ownership and along the way we decided to share our adventures, purchases and site tours via social media and Youtube channel (see menu bar for links) and now we're giving a go at putting pen to paper, well, fingers to keyboard with our new blog and website.

So where does the love of caravanning come from. It's quite simple and an all to familiar story for many. It began as child and summer holidays spent with my cousins in a caravan when Nan would take us away each year to either Hayling Island, Bournemouth, Chichester or abroad to...the Isle of Wight! It was a combination of childhood innocence and freedom, playing outside, making new friends, where everyday was an adventure, mainly because Nan had a terrible sense of direction and always got us lost on days out, sometimes not even remembering the name of the campsite. The memories that still make me beam from ear to ear every time I think about it. From the whistling kettle, too sleeping in the awning and pumping water by foot and then there was emptying the waste water. We didn't have a fancy waste master, it was usually a bucket or even a washing up bowl, so everyday I had to precariously waddle with whichever receptacle I had this holiday to the waste point without spilling it, but that was part of the fun and I'm smiling again as I write this remembering all the madcap adventures we had. It's fair to say, caravan holidays were by far the thing I looked forward to most each year.

Fast forward 30 plus years and with a young family of my own, I want to create the same awe inspiring holidays and adventures for our daughter and if truth be told, relive a few of my own (whistling kettle was the first purchase for the caravan). Why should I have to grow up and let the adventures stop? I hope along the way, wether new to caravanning or helping recapture some of those memories you once had, you'll enjoy following us on our journey....

Until next time, Cheerio.....


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